This was so interesting I had to share it:

I went to the doctor today (don’t worry I’m fine… thought I caught the flu and panicked) and I was literally in and out in ten mins! Here’s exactly what happened. At first I didn’t want to go, because in America this is an all day thing, but I just wasn’t feeling good, so my co-worker walked me up to the receptionist, and gave her both my English and Korean name. She asked for my ARC which is my identification to prove I’m a legal resident in South Korea, then she told me to have a seat and within a couple mins I was talking to an English speaking doctor. He did some quick vitals and checked for some emergency symptoms (coming from the hospital myself I know what those are) then prescribed me meds for my symptoms cause let’s be honest there’s not cute for colds or flues. He was so polite and asked me all the right questions. I’m blessed that I come from working a hospital myself or else I would think (like most people) he didn’t do anything!
I went to pay and at first she charged me 14,000 W about 15$ usd and I was like WOW! That’s a nice price to see a doctor! I walked away pleased with my price and prescription in hand, however as I reached the elevator she called me back and asked for my English name. I asked her (in Korean…had to put that in…so pleased with my learning) what was wrong, and she said she over charged me so it only cost 5 usd! What?!? Even better! I Went down stairs to pick up my prescription and was greeted by so many friendly people, was also in and out in about three mins.
Everything in the picture is from today. Wow…. it would be interesting to see this same process apply in America.

My receipts from seeing the doctor and getting my prescription
My Emergency (gift from my family) HELPS!
My bag of medication. (Thank goodness I hate taking meds and never take them if I can avoid it… but today I’m glad I did… already feeling better.)

I’m impressed and amazed!

Love and Peace!


​P.S. Stay healthy loves.

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