Busan – South Korea

Spending a weekend in Busan is a must! Jeju, Seoul, all of them are great, but Busan has its own Je ne sais quoi that simply can’t be put into words. Although we (Sean, Shannah, Usha, Lizzy, and I) went during a wet and rainy weekend during the colder months we still had a wonderful time. Before you go, watch the film 부산행 (Train to Busan). It has almost nothing to do with Busan and everything to do with zombies, but it was still a treat for me to be on the train also headed to Busan. A very good film, with terrific actors.

After checking into our hotel, we headed to Gamcheon Culture Village. Beautiful place with beautiful art everywhere! As we walked around this village we found this staircase full of book titles, but the best was at the top. Where you can overlook the entire village of colorful homes. My friends and I stopped at a shop where you can take a bunch of pictures at once to make a flipbook of yourself moving around Busan, so cute.

Busan is also famous for its 호떡 (sweet Korean pancake) these are delicious when it’s cold out and you’re walking around the cold. A small sweet pancake filled with syrup, nuts and served piping hot. However, the very best thing about Busan is the food! Since Busan is on the water, seafood is plentiful. Usha, Lizzy, and I love seafood and found a fresh clam restaurant. Imagine this: fresh clams cut open, and placed over an open flame. Covered in butter, cheese, and minced spices to bring the flavors to life. The gentlemen working our table were kind enough to do all of the cooking for us and allowed us to just enjoy eating. He made an effort to make small talk with us and appeared to enjoy our company. Other food I tried but failed to grab a photo, because I was too busy eating is 쌍둥이 돼지국밥 (Twin Pork Soup), delicious!

I hope your experience in Busan is just as wonderful. Till next time.

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