Certified Teacher vs. Teaching English

For those who don’t know before I became an International Teacher, I started off working as an English teacher in South Korea, and have noticed considerable differences between the two jobs. This question keeps coming up from a few friends: Is it worth getting a teaching certification while working as an English teacher?  Is getting

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Cambodia was the second country we stopped at while backpacking Southeast Asia. I loved Cambodia and had no trouble crossing the border from Vietnam. We immediately stopped at Angkor Wat. My friend Sean is a huge fan of Laura Croft (No seriously, he has a tattoo about her), so he was ecstatic when we arrived.

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Let me start this blog by saying… I love love love Vietnam. This trip was life-changing for me, truly. It took me out of my stuck-up, elitist, American way of thinking, and allowed me to see how others live.. and turns out that when you think you have it right, you don’t. Sean and I

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Thailand was our third and final stop. At this point in our backpacking trip, we were starting to get tired. Besides, we had been on the road, carrying our backpacks, and on top of one another for over a month, either way, Thailand was still a wonder. We arrived in Bangkok via bus from Siem

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Malaysia was a beautiful spot to visit. I went the week before New Year with my friends. (Clockwise from left: Tim, me, Sean, Ivory, and Lizzy) We stayed in the Reggae Hostel, which was quite accommodating for a hostel. I always prefer hostel stays not merely for the cheaper rate, but for chatting with other travelers

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Paju – South Korea

One of the most memorable trips from Seoul has to be the one I took with my friends Hyungsuk, Sean, and Lizzy. We decided to rent a car and drive to Paju, which is on the border of South and North Korea, but unfortunately only Hyungsuk (being a local) was able to drive for the

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