Gapyeong – South Korea

One of my favorite places to visit during my years in South Korea was none other than Gapyeoung. My friends and I always had so much fun and made an effort to get there as often as we could. We enjoyed it so much we went almost every season.

During the Summer Gapyeoung has a beautiful river and next to it many little shops, which are ideal for getting a beer. If you have a chance to get up there make sure you stay at the egg hostel on the strip, it’s next to the river. You can rent tubes to lounge on the water. Gapyeoung will sometimes host the inflatable water park, and ATVing. What I love about South Korea, the weather gets incredibly hot, but in the same breath, the winter gets equally cold.

Winters are cold, make sure you check out the Garden of the Morning Calm. We were nuts to try this in the winter, but it’s the only time you may see the lights, and somehow made it slightly more magical. The entire field is covered with gorgeous lights that entice you to walk through. Many places hold festivals and events, my friend and I were able to catch a chance at ice fishing, the only thing we caught that day. During the winter as well, check out Nami island, a small boat will take you across, but again be wise as the winters are quite brutal. Click here to read more details about my trip to Gapyeong.

I enjoyed Nami Island in the fall. Look at all the trees, we caught this act right after a heavy thunderstorm, but we did still manage to catch a few stragglers. Nami Island offers beautiful scenery, cottages to rent, and tempting local food. I advise all travelers to try Nami island.

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