Here’s to the New Year loves! First blog entry of 2017.
It’s snowed a couple times since being in Korea, and the views are always beautiful on my way to work. It’s been a while since I’ve been around changing seasons, or enjoying the luxury of sitting next to a window to enjoy the snow fall… it’s the little things.
Since my last entry I’ve celebrated Christmas and the New Year with people I enjoy. Typically since my years in the military I’ve always preferred the company of my family during the holidays.
I’m blessed to have a family here. The lovely family of Tim and Ivory had it in their hearts to have all the travelers into their home. The walls were decked with cheer, and the whole floor smelled of Christmas dinner. Although it wasn’t home, it was perfect. We sat together, some on the floor, others on the couch and shared a meal. Some of us brought something we were proud of, and others bought something they were proud of. There were so many people in the house, so many voices, personalities, thoughts, emotions, just everything filling the apartment, I was pleased to sit back and just listen….Little Things.

  • L-R: Sean, Ellie, Brenda (Debbie), Nic, Rochelle, Britt, Nick, Lizzy, Ivory, Me, Tim.

Everyone looks so happy here, although we did not sit at a large table. Although we did not have our families around us. Although we did not have Christmas morning rushing to the tree to find out gifts.
What we did have was each other… its the little things.

​I started the New Year, the best way I know. Wandering around this vast wonderland called Suwon. I scooped up Sean and away we went. There is always something new to discover in South Korea. There’s always a different pathway, new store, and a plethora of new people to meet. Lucky for Sean and me, we typically run into people who are just as eager to meet us as we are them. Some are so excited to be speaking English they will quickly offer us meals, places to stay, or even invite us to their tables as guest.
Its easy to think that because something is different, it must be dangerous, or just flat out won’t understand where you’re coming from. Don’t get me wrong this happens, it does, there have been several miscommunications, requests for us to leave/say we are not welcomed, but again these moments are few and far between. To me the good will always out weight the bad in my life. Please friends I urge you to not allow the actions of others to determine your reactions or thoughts.  In every basket of apples there are bound to be a couple bad ones… pick carefully.

  • Isn’t it beautiful? I love this city. I love Korea.

Overall, Have a Happy New Year! May 2017 be filled with love, hope, and all your heart desires. I’m blessed beyond measure, and thank God for all he has done for me. Stay loved my friends!

Love and Peace,


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