​I’ve been meaning to add this to my blog. This was during our winter break from school. My friend Lizzy and I decided to take in all the that is of South Korea. 

Bear in mind this was the winter… yeah I don’t know what I was thinking either.
Our first stop was to the mountains of Gapyeong. For fellow mountain lovers you already know: The air is clean, the frost is biting our cheeks, and everything is calmer than being in the city. We were excited to check into our Air Bnb. Not long after we did, we headed toward the lake for some ice fishing.

  • The town of Gapyeong
  • Lake for Ice Fishing. This was a whole event; there were tents for food, animals for petting, and souvenirs to buy.
  • Your lady ice fishing… didn’t catch a single bite.
  • Not going to lie, it was so cold out there that Lizzy and I had a long enough tolerance for about 30 minutes before we decided to go. This was a lot of fun however, if given the opportunity go ice fishing! You will not regret it.





​After warming up at the Air BnB we headed even further up the mountain to catch Garden of the Morning Calm. Don’t let the name fool you, we saw this magnification visual at night, trust me it’s as beautiful and calming as it sounds.
  • My photo’s don’t give this place justice

The next morning, we were still in ​Gapyeong, so we headed to Nami Island! This was such a beautiful place and we went in the winter! It’s island with a beautiful forest, place to relax, walk around, everything, learn more about it here.

  • The start of the island
  • The ferry taken to get across…. there is a zip line.. But in the winter I’ll have to pass.
  • The forest.
  • All of the mountains surrounding this beautiful island. Snow everywhere.
  • The following day, we went to Bukchon Hanok Village. I had heard so much about this place, and couldn’t wait to see it. These homes are from a different generation, and are rich in antiquity. People are still living in these homes, so they as we look and not touch. To gain a full experience, Lizzy and I stayed in a one. It was small to say the least, but such an experience. We slept on the ground, but with the floor heating the room was soon toasty. Which was much appreciated since…again we were out in the winter.

  • Start of the village.
  • It was snowing the whole day!
  • Amazing walk.
  • Lizzy and me. The sign behind us says, quiet please people are living here.
  • Our cozy little Air BnB. If you want the Hanok experience, I suggest staying here.
  • The closing of our trip was to see the MBC building. I love it so much; this is where they film most of Korea’s biggest shows. Plus a many K-Pop stars visit here. Sadly I couldn’t take the pictures I wanted to take, but no worries this was still a great time. Here at this location, you can take pictures (For a fee) with celebrities, in television shows, movies, almost anything. I wanted to purchase one.. but my pride wouldn’t allow it.

  • The building!
  • This is a healthy reminder of why I’m not on television
  • I love these boys right here. They are Korea’s biggest K-Pop group BIG BANG, I couldn’t resist taking a picture.. Of the picture. Tell me this song doesn’t make you want to start dancing.

All in all there is so much to see and do around Korea. The fun never stops or becomes less interesting. I’m glad Lizzy and I were able to cross things off our bucket list, and see more sights. From ice fishing in the mountains to, watching a hologram concert of Big Bang, this was certainly a wonderful stay-cation.

Never stop exploring!

Love and Peace,


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