Jeju – South Korea

If you do nothing else in South Korea, make sure you head over to Jeju Island. About a 40 min flight from Seoul to a tiny island just south of the country. Known to be the “Hawaii” of South Korea, it certainly lives up to its name. My friends and I (Sean, Usha, and Shannah) Had so much fun on our mini vacation. The atmosphere, the weather, and of course the food could not be beaten!

The only minor setback we found was our taxi driver trying to overcharge us, that was rude.

The first day we spent walking around outside but soon found an optical illusion museum, they are always fun, and South Korean summers get hot. You’ll welcome the cool air and fun pictures. Trust me after about 20 mins of walking around in the heat, you’ll be toast. (Bring a portable fan, you see we are all carrying one.)

The following day only Usha and I headed out on our own, the other two were feeling a bit under the weather. Usha had been to Jeju before and knew all the places to visit, being a novice myself I was eager to follow along. Usha took us to the indoor market of Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market (click here), where you can find local treats, goodies, and friendly people who love to speak to foreigners. We tried a lot of the food there, Usha and I loved the pancakes and seafood treats. The locals are nice, just ask and they will give you anything you ask for.

The best was yet to come, Usha took me just outside the market to the Diving women’s store. If you have never heard of them please read this book: The Island of Sea Women (click here)

Everything inside is beautiful and so cute to buy, Usha picked up a bag and I grabbed a toy and tons of postcards. This whole area is beautiful. We stopped at cafes and waterfalls to take pictures, as you can see it’s completely worth the hot walk.

By the third day, Sean and Shannah were feeling better and joined us, I’m a huge fan of KPOP star G-Dragon and just had to stop by his cafe on the water. Take a look here (click here) It’s absolutely gorgeous, and usually packed, so go early. After that, we headed over to the Osullo tea museum and field. Please stop here (click here) Green tea everything! Ice Cream, skincare, the works.

Final Day, Shinhwa Theme Park. (click here) A typical there park, with treats and small rides, but what I loved most about it, was G-Dragon’s store! I popped in and bought some things to remind me of this talented artist.

If given the chance to go to Jeju Island, you will not regret it! Other places to make sure to check out:

Love Land (click here)– This place is absurd but a blast to walk around, what you think this place is… it is. The picture of the kissing pigs is only one of the attractions celebrating love.

Vadada (click here) is another place on the water, with good drinks and delicious burgers.

Fishing Charter (click here) this was such a blast! We caught fish, and soon after we walked into the restaurant they owned where they served it up as a delicious meal. Talk about fresh!

From Horse riding to Pub crawls Jeju is a must-stop for everyone!


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