JULY 13TH, 2015

Hmmm I had written text here, but I guess it didn’t save… Anyways, the reason I have place a photo of my Toms is this:

I love my Toms… I mean I really love them! Not merely because they look great, they’re comfortable, or the many many styles. I love them for the cause. What I mean is, the Toms brand has a promise: for every pair of shoes you buy they will give one to a person in need. What could be better than that? Recently I have people ask me, “Well how can you be sure? They could just be saying that to sell more shoes, ect.” You’re right I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is, while on my trip to Haiti I saw MANY people wearing them. Children, Teens, elderly, and babies… so many people wearing Toms. Don’t get me wrong I did see Bob’s there too… but not nearly as many as Toms. So to you readers I say this,,,: BUY TOMS!! They are pure, and truly for the cause! 🙂

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