This was my first solo trip ever, I regret nothing and had the absolute time of my life. Tokyo, and Japan in general is amazing! The culture, the food, the city, everything about Japan was marvelous. I can’t wait to go again, there is so much to do and see in Japan it’s impossible to see and do it all in 4 days. I got a hearty chunk out of it, and I would love to share it with you.

I flew from Korea with Japan Airline. I actually liked this airline, for a two hour flight they gave us free drinks, alcohol and a free meal. I know so many flights in American who don’t give out anything for even longer flights. I’m quite pleased. I watched a movie and before too long I had landed in Tokyo.
Upon arrival, I went downstairs to find a bus to take me to my city. I always opt for the bus as opposed to the subway, because duh! Look at the views you get to take in! Amazing. Tokyo was breathtaking and so much to see on my ride. I’ll admit the bus takes long (2.5 hours) but worth it.

I got to my Hostel late, so I didn’t do much on my first night. Just met a few of the locals and ate dinner.

I met a fellow traveler and she was excited when I mentioned I wanted to see the Sumo wrestlers. I had woken early just for this occasion. I was excited, however… when we arrived they were just wrapping up. They had stopped practice 20 min earlier! So you decide to see the wrestlers, I suggest you go early.

Click here to get directions and learn more.

I was thrilled that one of the wrestlers was willing to step out to greet us.
Next stop was the Tsukiji Fish Market…. WOW.
This was so incredible, fish, and people everywhere! Also where I had the best sushi of my life! It’s like butter and I’m not exaggerating. So soft and delicate, without a doubt some of the freshest sushi you will ever try

This guy and several guys like him were cutting fish, squid, and all sorts of animals of the deep and letting people sample them… FRESH
Of course I got my fill of the sushi… I love sushi



We found a cozy little restaurant tucked in the market, and glad we got there when we did, because before too long, there was a line out the door. I see why, this sushi was amazing the fish

melted in your mouth like butter, and rice is steamed in such a way, that the fish almost floats on top of it. If you go to Japan please for your own sake… have sushi.



A Manga Store, they have these everywhere… eerily quiet, and recluse. Also don’t take pictures… oops.

Soon after my new friend had to head back to the hostel as she was preparing the second leg of her trip, thus we parted ways. Not to worry, the best part about traveling is…. I got to do whatever I wanted, so I hitched a taxi and headed toward another part of the city. Where I wandered the streets, sat and people watched, and got a tattoo.

Me getting my upper leg tattoo… this makes for #7. What can I say? I love them.

I went to see Daisuke at Tattoo Studio Seek. He spoke English, highly professional, clean, and quick. Loved seeing him and love my tattoo. Check here.

Next I headed over to see the Tokyo Sky Tree… as you know I have see the whole city when I get to a new place (Taiwan, Chicago) I feel it just gives a better perspective of the city around you. I headed over not expecting much, but to my surprise there was a plethora of shops! So many souvenirs, food, shops, just everything; I did most of my souvenir shopping here. I got all the typical things to bring back with me. I grabbed a ticket was a little annoyed that they let people up by groups at a time at specific times as well. My ticket said 1640, I look at my watch and it says 1400. Shucks.

However I didn’t let that bother me, I went to grab lunch, and walked around the rest of the shops, before I knew it, it was 1640.

As usual the top is always breathtaking. The city is beautiful and HUGE! I can’t believe how large Tokyo really is. A guide said if I look close I could see Mt. Fuji in the distance, when I squinted I could see it. Quite far away.

I met a nice gentleman named Julien Ours, In line headed to the Tower, being both foreigners we stick out like sore thumbs, we found each other and instantly connected. Turns out he’s a fellow traveler who travels alone from France. I spoke excellent English and was in the process of learning Japanese. I loved hearing his story because he travels quite a bit, and just works from place to place! What a life! He says he’s been all over and Japan is just his current stop. WOW.
This handsome guy posed for pictures with me, I was nervous to stand over the glass floor but he helped me out. Such a nice chap. I hope our paths cross again.

The next day I head over to see the Meiji Shrine. As you know I’m a devoted Christian, but I respect other peoples religious and faiths. We are all on a journey to know answers. I’m blessed in a way to have found the Lord at an early age, while others spend a life time searching for answers.

What I loved about this place, is as soon as you walk up you can feel the energy. It’s quiet, tranquil, and gentle everywhere you look. This place is so spiritual people get married here, and I was fortunate enough to see such a wedding. She was beautiful! She was dressed in traditional Japanese attire, and she and her new husband were paraded around for everyone to admire. I didn’t get a picture because I didn’t want to be THAT tourist.

Before you can walk on holy land, you mush wash your hands and your mouth. They provide a running stream for you. You use wooden bowl on a stick to grab the water to put on your hands and eventually your face. I found this interesting, because everyone did it. I did too. Above us is a sign, asking us to rid of mind of negative thoughts, clear your heart, and wash away the filth. Interesting.
I wandered all over this place, so many people praying, chanting, wishing, everything that made them feel at peace. I came across this prayer wall where people put their prayers, hopes, dreams, everything into writing and put it on the wall. I put mine too, I pray only to my Lord, so I know he read it.

I love spiritual place, almost as much as the church. In places like this, you can just sit and talk to the Lord, reflect, or just people watch. I sat down for maybe twenty minutes before I went on my way.

From there I made my way to the famous Shibuya Crossing! You’ve all seen it, whenever anyone talks about Japan this comes to mind. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE! I’m not kidding, the best part however is going across the street and sitting at Starbucks and watching it from above. This famous four way crossing was a blast to watch and walk though.
If you look closely you may see something familiar from a video game going across the street. 😉
I still was not done shopping, so I headed out some more to find the shops. I was stopped by a woman with a flyer asking if I loved hedgehogs, before I knew it I was drinking coffee and snuggling this cute little animal. Never held one before, and had no plans to, glad I did.

That evening I headed over to Tokyo Tower to catch a glimpse of it light up. Awe inspiring, it was so pretty to stare at, and really made me want to head to Paris next, but alas, I know my Europe trip is going to have to wait until after Southeast Asia.
Tokyo Tower
This was my hostel, It’s called Unplan. it was clean, and in a great location. I can’t speak highly of the atmosphere however; it’s pretty quiet and has many many rules. However for a solo traveler this was idea, but if you’re looking to party look again.

Now on to the best part… THE FOOD!

If you go to Japan do not leave without trying the following:


Sushi, which I ate so much of, I couldn’t get so enough pictures because I was stuffing my face.
Ramen, there’s a lot of these, and I found a cute one by my hostel. Filled me up, and there’s just nothing like it.
7/11 meals. I know the gas station hot food is uneatable in America, however in Asia… Omg, so delicious. This meal was only 4$ usd, and was amazing. It was a meatloaf, with noodles, potatoes, and rice. Filled me up as well.
Takoyaki, or Squid balls. If you’re from the south like me, you have had conch fritters before. This is them, only with squid. Very delicious as well.

All and all, I thoroughly enjoyed my first solo trip alone. I’m not going to lie, there was a part of me that though I couldn’t do it, and I would fail miserably. However I quickly put my fears aside and when I did I had the time of my life. I left when I wanted, ate when I wanted, and stopped when I wanted. This is your trip fellow travelers have fun with it! I hope you all travel alone too, male or female, the world is waiting for us! Go and see it!

Love and Peace,


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