​It’s been brought to my attention recently that I don’t post enough. Which is….true. I apologize my friends, I never meant to just post once a month when I started this journey. I had fantasized about writing in my blog at least once a week… but alas, I’m human, an easily distracted one as well.

So looking back at all the fun I hadn’t written about… here is what I forgot to mention.

  • I forgot to tell you I went skiing with my friends in the winter. Absolutely amazing!
Once the snow thawed, I went to catch the cherry blossoms. They were everywhere! So beautiful.
  • People have asked what I did for my birthday, forgot to mention I went to dinner with people I love and danced all night long. Perfect birthday.
  • Aw winter started to merge into spring, my friends and I went up to the mountain. Crisp air, quiet surroundings, and positive energy… the best type of trips.
  • Its Summer time! Which means, the time has come to enjoy the evenings of sitting outside and enjoying the evening air.
  • Bizarre. I also forgot to tell you guys I visited Paju and I was close to the border…. this is the border. The guard tower, keeping a close watch on North Korea at all times.
  • Did I mention, on a rainy day I wanted to see South Korea’s King Palace? Gyeongbokgung Palace is beautiful and many movies have been filmed here.
  • How could I forget? I saw a KPOP concert! If you do nothing else in South Korea… you must do this! Best part? It was free for foreigners!
  • A dear friend of mine, Tim,  snapped this picture. The lighting, the people, the candidness, all of it I just love.

See more of his amazing photography here.

  • How could I not mention going to mud fest? Only in South Korea can you do this! This event is a huge party that celebrates mud! It’s a nonstop party and fun for everyone! Read it here!
  • I decided to be daring and tried a moving meal called Sannakji. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds. My website won’t let me upload a video, so feel free to see it here on my Instagram. S/N: It’s delicious.
  • Yes, things are still going well.

Thanks for reading loves! I will do better with getting more updates! When I’m traveling and not working, I’ll have more free time! Thanks for the love and feedback! MUAH!

Love and Peace.


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