Central America


These Children were amazing, I learned so much from them! One little boy (who didn’t want to take a picture) could not have been no more than 4, was taking care of his 5 month old brother. He fed him, kept him in his lap, and did everything for him. He was very touching.   

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Before ending our trip, our group went to an Orphanage. We taught another lesson, and played with all the children. A perfect ending to our trip. Listening to this children can make anybody feel humble. I hope you listen to their song, its in Creole but the words don’t take away from the song. I

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Interesting Story! While traveling on my trip to Haiti, I ran into an interesting young man whom was wearing a “Haiti Made” hat. After akwardly staring at his hat, I asked him about it. He went on to explain about his amazing brand. This brand has an assortment of items that not only are their

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