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Midwest Road Trip

Personally, I’ve never been to the midwest, I mean I lived in Colorado for several years but was too young to drive myself around. My mother and I arrived in Las Vegas in the evening and checked into the Bellagio, purely for convenience as our tour guide for the Grand Canyon, would pick us up from

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Road Trip through Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama

Love a good road trip! Seriously, what’s better than listening to tunes, books on tape, and just the open road watching the world go by? Funny, I was still in school, so while driving I had to take my class online, luckily my classmates and Professor understood. This was during the pandemic, so flights were

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Aside from friends, my mom, another person I love to travel with is my brother Corey. He’s hilarious, smart, and a blast to be around. Together we decided to take the train to Philadelphia, and catch a flight back. A train ride across the country, that left in the evening and arrived in the morning,

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I accompanied my mother to a wedding in Omaha, Nebraska. Since they were not friends of mine, I will not name them. Gorgeous wedding regardless. We only stayed for three days, but still gave us plenty of time to explore the city. We spoke to as many locals as we could to find out the

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I never miss an opportunity to take a solo trip. Not that I don’t like traveling with my friends and family, but there is something about having total freedom to do literally anything you want when you want, no negotiating on food, locations, or time, just your way all the time. Anyone who knows me knows… I love

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Last year, a dear, and I mean very dear friend Anna got married! I’ve known Anna now for about four years, and I thoroughly enjoy talking to her. She’s the type of friend you want, she’ll tell you like it is, and call you on your mess. I’m so happy I met her back in

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Looking back at all the crazy and terrifying things I’ve done I.E. Swimming with sharks or skydiving, I’d have to say the time my friends and I snuck into a forbidden zone in Hawaii. This is called the Stairway to Heaven and is off limits to the public unless you know a local person. My

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A few of my favorite places in Chicago: pas Chicago 360 SkyDeck Chicago Subway Art Institute Chicago Dog My big younger brother First and foremost I loved Chicago! So amazing! I went away with my younger brother to enjoy my birthday. Disclaimer: If its your birthday…do what you want! It’s your birthday I have a

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Current Season.              My birthday is coming up, and I’m blessed in the sense that my birthday is the last month of the year because it allows me to have a new outlook on the upcoming year. New year, new me type of energy. I’ve been thinking of my current

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I am leaving tomorrow!! I don’t know if I ever officially announced this on here, but I’m moving to South Korea for at least 2 years! I know right? What am I thinking? Why would I want to go there? Last year after my return from Haiti did I had my Epiphany, that Ah-Ha moment!

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Someone asked me recently asked me recently why I do what I do… Simply put: I truly love it! I do! I love the adereline, I love the rush, I love the feeling of not being in control. My best example is: me skydiving. I went sky diving while in Hawaii with a few of

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I’ve worn a uniform for over ten years… And this week is my last time wearing one. I have to say it’s really really weird. It’s hard to explain, and don’t get me wrong I’ve love my military uniform, my scrubs, and even my waitress uniform, because it was just that: uniform. I’m going to

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I talk a lot about traveling the world to eat everything, because well… I love food! However, if traveling isn’t your thing or don’t have time to get all over the world try the next best thing: Walt Disney World! Disney World hosts a food and wine festival every year where they bring in food

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