Someone asked me recently asked me recently why I do what I do… Simply put: I truly love it! I do! I love the adereline, I love the rush, I love the feeling of not being in control.

My best example is: me skydiving. I went sky diving while in Hawaii with a few of my friends. I had no control. No control of the high of the flight, no control of the parachute, no control of anything. It’s truly an amazing feeling, the moment you are at the door of the plane and you look down at the depth of the jump…. Everything stops. You can’t hear anything, feel anything, or think anything. My only thoughts at the exact moment of jumping was…. Oh my gosh, am I really doing this?

When my jumper jumped out the plane and I was terrified. I was, I couldn’t grab anything nor could I just place my hands over my face (you have to keep your hands over your chest until you’re stable). As we are tumbling through the air I place complete faith in Christ and my fellow jumper. I have faith he will land us safely and that God won’t let me die at this moment. I suggest everyone at least one try this… It really is an indescribable feeling!


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