Still going through this cross road in my life, so I’ve been asking my friends, family, and respected individuals their opinion on my current future plans, and I got the reactions I pretty much expected to get.

The idea of abandoning my previous life plans sounds…well for lack of better words…. NUTS! I understand and accept it, but when I was 18 years old and my told these same people I had plans to enlist into the military after researching this for only two weeks, everyone thought the same thing. “Brittany, are you thinking this through? You’re going all alone? You need to do this.” I’m always appreciative of advice, just don’t always accept it. So when I went around sharing this news needless to say, I received just about the same feedback.

Its actually quite comical, my rational friends think, my plans are terrible, irrational, and well crazy! Where as in the same breath my spontaneous friends think its an amazing idea! However no matter how many people I speak to, I had two friends from each group give me the same exact advice, and its simply this: Brittany, its your life do with it as you please. You don’t need validation from me, or anyone else. If it feels right to you.. do it. All you need is you.

As i thought about it, I realized my friends Roly and Daniella are right! It is my life and I don’t have to explain it to anyone. I’m embarrassed to say but, I’ve been told what to do my entire life, I grew up in a military family and enlisted soon after I graduated high school. I’ve never truly had to think for myself or figure out exactly what it is I want to do with my life, or what I even like. Taking some time away from distractions, and my current situation might be good for me. I’m not married, no children, I don’t own a house, and I have no strict ties to where I am. Why not go? I’m still talking and praying to God, for guidance and asking him to help me make the right choice. God has never steered me wrong before…More to come

Love and Peace,

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