I apologize for my delay, but like I’ve said before I’m here to do a little soul searching, and I’ve been doing just that. Unlike when I’m home with my family when I go to my room at night, I find myself still struggling with the same worries, doubts, concerns and heartache I had at home. I thought being away from my home would fix it, but instead its forced me to confront them. Thank God for my mother, without whom, I’m not sure how’d I cope. Thank her and Christ for making each worry less bothersome with each passing day.

Living in South Korea has been and still is amazing. I love it here, there is so much to learn about the culture, and the people. Come to find out (some) people are willing to learn about me too. I have to be honest, I get frequent stares whenever I leave my apartment, and or when I’m walking around. Usually I don’t mind it, but some days I’m grumpy and I’m in no mood to be stared at, like some sort of freak walking around. I understand I live in a part of town that isn’t use to seeing a lot foreign people, let alone black women, but still sometimes its the most flattering thing in the world… other times, its down right annoying. Even as I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing to you guys, I’m getting stares from the people around me. Luckily I’m in a great mood.

These pictures are merely from around my apartment, the cute town of Suwon. Right now the heat is unbearable, but I’m told not to complain because very soon it be unbearably cold… In which case I wont be complaining. I’m still not comfortable to talk about the things that weight on my heart, as I’m still asking God to help me work through them. My Pastor once said, “If you can look back on a memory and it no longer hurts, then you know you  have forgiven them.” I’m embarrassed to admit but I haven’t yet. I still look back and feel anger, bitterness, rage, and ugliness. Then I look to the future with same doubts. I shouldn’t but I do. Nothing I can do about it except pray, whenever I see my friends hurting the same way I always recommend praying, so I need to take my own advice.

​Alas, aside from everything else, South Korea is amazing! I love the people I have met, and enjoying every second of it. I’ve been given the opportunity to travel to Taiwan, take a mini vacation to the beach, visit a traditional mud festival, and even learn about myself. I still have growing to do. I appreciate all the love and prayers. Everyone I keep close to me has been amazing and I couldn’t be more blessed!

​Love and Peace,

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