I am leaving tomorrow!!

I don’t know if I ever officially announced this on here, but I’m moving to South Korea for at least 2 years! I know right? What am I thinking? Why would I want to go there?
Last year after my return from Haiti did I had my Epiphany, that Ah-Ha moment! I realized that I did NOT need to put my life on hold because everything was not coming around on MY timeline. I was upset, disappointed and extremely bummed for a long time. I couldn’t believe that I had done everything in my power to make thing happen for me and they didn’t! What the hell? What about me? Why was everything working out for everyone except me??
I thank God he put it on my heart to attend Haiti with my mother, and I mean it when I say: everything and I mean everything changed after that. Things that seemed so important to me suddenly had no meaning at all. Suddenly I didn’t have to have the best things, hair, nails, anything…. I was just simply happy with what I had; and just like that- my perspective on my life changed.
I began thanking God for all I DID have and not what didn’t have, and came to the realization that things happen on HIS timeline, not mine. So then why is my life on hold?

I had read this passage before on my Timblr, but very timely it came across my feed again. How true right? If I had decided to stay in the current rut that I was in, I was doomed to ruin myself. I didn’t want to become a person surrounded with fear! Fear of being alone, fear of never finding my perfect job, fear of hating my life just afraid… It’s will eat you up!
I feel blessed to take this journey, doing something just for me. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do so why wait? I have no idea what God has in store for me and honesty I couldn’t love that idea more. Do what’s in your heart friends you will not regret it.

Love and Peace,


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