I talk a lot about traveling the world to eat everything, because well… I love food! However, if traveling isn’t your thing or don’t have time to get all over the world try the next best thing:
Walt Disney World!
Disney World hosts a food and wine festival every year where they bring in food literally from around the world and even the servers are from the country as well. It truly is an amazing treat, I adore this event when I can. The best part is, as you’re walking around the park you can pick up a cute passport to get stamped on ever “country” you visit. (I didn’t get to take a picture of my passport, locked away till next time).
This trip I went with my handsome, hilarious brothers, whom of course made it an amazing time. Thanks Winston and Corey!!
My only advice before going is this:
•pace yourself
•share your food, so you can try everything
•meet the characters!!
•grab a passport
•comfortable shoes
•above all enjoy self, eat until your heart is content!

Love and Peace,


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