I’ve worn a uniform for over ten years… And this week is my last time wearing one. I have to say it’s really really weird. It’s hard to explain, and don’t get me wrong I’ve love my military uniform, my scrubs, and even my waitress uniform, because it was just that: uniform. I’m going to match everyone around me, and people will know without question who I am or what I do. In a matter of two weeks I will change all of that, and embark on a completely new adventure different than anything I’ve ever done and I have to say again… It’s weird.
It’s weird in a sense that I don’t know what to expect or how to take it except head on. I’m excited yet very nervous about this experience. People have asked me if I’m scared and yes I am, but only if the unknown, never for my safety. One thing I love about walking with God is I’m never scared for my life, in this one or the next because I know what God has promised me; and sooner or later he will keep to that promise. So what am I to fear?
Please don’t misunderstand me, I love working in the hospital, clinic, and facilities alike. I’ve developed such a rapport with people from all walks of life. I’m going to miss my patients, my circle, and everyone I’ve grown to love being in my profession.
I’m so thankful for such an opportunity, and pray I don’t make foolish decisions. I ask only for love and support as I leave a life I have grown so familiar with to start something very new to me.

Love and Peace,


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