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Welcome! My name is Brittany. I am a nomadic teacher that loves to soak up every part of the cultures in the places I travel. As an educator, I never get enough of learning everything from life, food, and well…anything I can. Through sharing my experiences, tips, and adventures I want to empower fellow travelers, my students, and anyone with a thirst for the unknown to be brave and have new global adventures and new perspectives. So whether you’re new to travel, someone who has been taught by me, or accidentally stumbled on my blog, you’re welcome here, and I hope you enjoy it.



Oh! Paris est la ville de l’amour, et j’ai pu en faire l’expérience ! Going to Paris has been a lifelong dream of mine. What young girl watching Beauty and the Beast hasn’t had the same dream? I fantasized about riding a motorcycle around Paris, eating a croissant in a French beret, and drinking champagne atop the Eiffel Tower. So I did

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Certified Teacher vs. Teaching English

For those who don’t know before I became an International Teacher, I started off working as an English teacher in South Korea, and have noticed considerable differences between the two jobs. This question keeps coming up from a few friends: Is it worth getting a teaching certification while working as an English teacher?  Is getting

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Top Five Pros of living in Casablanca!

I’ve been living in Morocco for six months. I am blessed to observe everything around me and experience a new culture with all of its abundance. I’ve found six things thus far that I absolutely love about living in Casablanca. I plan to do a con list too, but for now, let’s stay positive. Diverse

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After two months, I’m finally settled in my new home: Casablanca, Morocco. Well, my home for two years at least. Like moving to any place in the world, I needed time to adjust and I did just that. I set up my apartment, started my job, and got into a groove that works for me.

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Midwest Road Trip

Personally, I’ve never been to the midwest, I mean I lived in Colorado for several years but was too young to drive myself around. My mother and I arrived in Las Vegas in the evening and checked into the Bellagio, purely for convenience as our tour guide for the Grand Canyon, would pick us up from

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Cambodia was the second country we stopped at while backpacking Southeast Asia. I loved Cambodia and had no trouble crossing the border from Vietnam. We immediately stopped at Angkor Wat. My friend Sean is a huge fan of Laura Croft (No seriously, he has a tattoo about her), so he was ecstatic when we arrived.

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