Oh! Paris est la ville de l’amour, et j’ai pu en faire l’expérience ! Going to Paris has been a lifelong dream of mine. What young girl watching Beauty and the Beast hasn’t had the same dream? I fantasized about riding a motorcycle around Paris, eating a croissant in a French beret, and drinking champagne atop the Eiffel Tower. So I did just that!

Going to Paris allowed me to fly Air Maroc (a first!), and let me say. The airline is quite fabulous! I got on the plane, famish, a rookie mistake. I was not anticipating eating anything since the flight was only four hours from Casablanca to Paris. But, much to my happiness, the attendants brought meals about an hour into the flight! A delicious Tajine to curb my hunger was just what I needed, and I was delighted.

The next couple of days were a whirlwind blur. The goal was to see all the places I only dreamed about. I saw Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum. While in Paris, I booked an excursion to ride around at night, visiting some famous tourist attractions, such as the Arc de Triomphe, on the back of a motorcycle. Sipping champagne from atop the Eiffel Tower is divine. I got to have deep heart-to-heart conversations with fellow solo travelers on a pub crawl (which is to various bars throughout the night). There is something truly, and profoundly refreshing about discussing issues, uncertainties, and things you think about with others who enjoy the same experiences as I do. (I have another blog to add here) Four days in Paris was not enough, with so much to see, eat and do there. If you go, give yourself time (more than four days, if possible) to immerse yourself in this magical city fully.

The People’s Hostel I love this hostel, but I’ve certainly stayed in better place. The pro: perfect location, right next to a subway station. Con: The shower was a push knob. What? I’m an adult I know how long to keep the shower running, and I went in the winter? I needed my hot water longer than 20 seconds lol.
The Louvre Be sure to get here, they fill up very quickly. The earlier you arrive the more you can see without the crowd. It’s also very easy to get lost, I had booked a tour but she canceled at the last minute, so I won’t be adding her here. Ended up spending 3.5 hours, but loved every moment.
Notre Dame: This was still under construction when I arrived, but the outside was still lovely.
Eiffel Tower I went in February, and needless to say this was a very cold activity. Get tickets first, so you don’t have to wait long. This fills up very quickly, go to the top so you can get a free glass of champagne.
Pub Crawl This was so much fun! Young people getting together to drink a blast. Only critique… you buy your own drinks which can get pricey.
Motorcycle ride Although cold in February, this was so much fun! I had a blast. This gentleman was very polite and saw to it I was comfortable.
Food Crawl I will always find a food crawl, cause I love to eat. Choose this one.
Till next time.

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