Top Five Pros of living in Casablanca!

I’ve been living in Morocco for six months. I am blessed to observe everything around me and experience a new culture with all of its abundance. I’ve found six things thus far that I absolutely love about living in Casablanca. I plan to do a con list too, but for now, let’s stay positive.


First, Casablanca is gorgeous, and I love the area where I live. There is so much diversity when it comes to food and people. Which was something I was not able to get a lot of while living in Korea. Because of the lack of diversity in Korea, I often received stares because of my appearance-Black America, with curly hair and toffee brown skin. The local women in Korea usually wanted to touch my fabulously curly locks or run their fingers through my long, luscious braids. This touching of my hair would annoy me. I often found myself saying “ouch” to their pulls and grabs of my hair. However, here in Morocco, so many women look like me, so braids and curly hair are not too shocking to anyone on the streets.

Close to Europe

Next, I love how close I am to Europe, especially Spain. I am a ferry away! I have so many trips planned and coming up; my head is swirling from all the preparation. Flights and ferries are so inexpensive. A big trip I’m eager to take is backpacking Europe with a friend, as I did in Southeast Asia. Since Morocco is so close to Europe, so there is much European influence in Morocco. Such as Spain, France (of course), and Italy, which is huge. Take a look at my first solo trip to Paris (I’ll be sending my Paris blog soon, please attach it here)

Four Seasons, (Somewhat)

Casablanca has some of the warmest weather I’ve encountered in my travels. This warm weather explains why many locals take advantage of the beaches. I’m not the biggest fan of the beaches here, because I come from an area with some beautiful beaches in the world-Florida! After living in Florida, I am spoiled and very picky about the temperature of beach water. During the colder months, one can find locals bundled up and walking around drinking hot Moroccan tea. Delicious! Especially Moroccan mint tea. If a trip is taken up to the mountains, there is even an opportunity to play in the snow and encounter a higher altitude.


Furthermore, as much as I love the jimjilbangs (bathhouse) in South Korea, for those who know me, it is no secret I love spending my time at Hannam, a body spa with fantastic massages. Of course, the hammams are pretty different from the ones in Asia, but the concept is the same. Warm water, scrubbing pads, and black soap, what’s not to love about these tools removing the dead skin from the body?

Glovo& Careem

I can’t close this blog without mentioning Glovo and Careem. It’s the Uber & Ubereats of Casablanca, without the outrageous service charge attached to it. I am absolutely obsessed with Glovo, you can get almost anything in a matter of minutes. One of the best things I love about this and Careem is you can choose to pay in person. The companies are that trusting, and in the off chance you need to cancel or something went wrong with any order, you are compensated. I love that.

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