A few of my favorite places in Chicago:

  • pas Chicago 360
  • SkyDeck Chicago
  • Subway
  • Art Institute
  • Chicago Dog
  • My big younger brother

First and foremost I loved Chicago! So amazing! I went away with my younger brother to enjoy my birthday. Disclaimer: If its your birthday…do what you want! It’s your birthday
I have a few pros and cons about visiting Chicago, in case anyone wants to go away for a weekend away as well.

  • First the mistakes: I got a car… Don’t get a car you will not need one for Chicago! It will cost you more to park that car and to rent it, than it will to Uber and Taxi everywhere, everyone warned me not and I didn’t listen… but listen: DO NOT GET A CAR!
  • Second mistake: I got an AirBnB: Here’s the thing DO use Airbnb, but don’t be cheap! I was cheap not going to lie, my bed cost 30$ for the whole weekend… error. My Room was 30 mins away from Chicago, thus why I felt I needed to buy a car. If I had budgeted correctly I could’ve stayed downtown and NOT have needed a car… again a learning lesson. Also our cheap place was so horrible my brother and I had to leave in the middle of the night!
  • Mistake number three: If you use the subway only a few times, buy an hourly pass not a full day pass. My brother and I used it maybe twice and used Uber the rest of the time. Much easier and more reliable. Its on your phone and you can track your ride.

Finally the Pros:

  • The Best decision my brother and I made was to buy a City Pass! This pass gave us free range to ALL of the cities best features! Chicago 360, Chicago Sky Deck, Aquarium, Art Institute, and Filed Museum. Mind you these are the activities my brother and I chose, you may pick your own. Plus you get to the front of the line of most of these ventures.
  • Using Uber was the best idea as well. Taxis cost almost 2x the price of Ubers! However… they are not always available as are taxis’.
  • Last: If you go to Chicago, grab a Groupon! My brother and I found one that allowed us to join a tour group to taste some of the specialties of Chicago.  This was definitely a treat*, and recommend everyone give this a try.

Most of all enjoy yourself!

Love and Peace,


*No pun intended

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