Looking back at all the crazy and terrifying things I’ve done I.E. Swimming with sharks or skydiving, I’d have to say the time my friends and I snuck into a forbidden zone in Hawaii.

This is called the Stairway to Heaven and is off limits to the public unless you know a local person. My friends and I woke up at 5 am, drove for 30 mins cross the island and hiked to the bottom. I’m told now adays the bottom is guarded, and the guard prohibits anyone from entering, but a few years ago when we went, there wasn’t a guard.


We climbed up this mountain for over three hours, I failed to mention why this is off limits… Because it’s dangerous! This stairs are very old and very weak, they were made back in the day before roads were made in Hawaii, make one false move and you can send yourself hurdling down this moutain. This didn’t faze my friends and I however, we climbed all the way to the top, took pictures, and climbed back down. It’s a blessing none of us were hurt and were able to make it down in one piece. Looking back this is by far the scariest, dangerous and most amazing experience of my life. I feel blessed to have climbed it and to share it with my friends.




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