I accompanied my mother to a wedding in Omaha, Nebraska. Since they were not friends of mine, I will not name them. Gorgeous wedding regardless.

We only stayed for three days, but still gave us plenty of time to explore the city. We spoke to as many locals as we could to find out the best eateries and activities. Every single person we spoke to said we had to eat at Dinkers. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I have never had a hamburger like this. The meat in Omaha is different, I can’t place a word for it, except outstanding. Be sure to also stop by Shucks Fishhouse, if you’re a fan of oysters this is your place.

Locals also recommended The Old Market, a cute area to walk around and grab local food. I had just swallowed up a large burger so I was in no mood for more. I enjoyed walking around because not far from there was a bridge that connects Nebraska to Iowa! You can walk across state lines; which I found fun. We also managed to check out the Omaha Zoo. I’ve never been impressed by a zoo because I used to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado (in my opinion the best), but this one comes mighty close.

Although small Omaha has a lot to promise! Take a look around and please make sure to try the local meat.

Till next time.

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