I never miss an opportunity to take a solo trip. Not that I don’t like traveling with my friends and family, but there is something about having total freedom to do literally anything you want when you want, no negotiating on food, locations, or time, just your way all the time. Anyone who knows me knows… I love having things my way 😉
So when a weekend opened up for a mini getaway, I had to get to Louisiana, I had never been and wanted to see this place for myself. I packed up my car, and headed out at 0700, although my dad suggested 0600, I couldn’t do it. I love driving alone, my own tunes, my own books, and podcasts ( made the 8-hour journey quite quick.
I arrived at my hostel,  and loved it immediately (click here). I’m a huge hotel dweller, especially when traveling alone, you’ll meet so many people, and despite what people think they are quite safe. I’ve never felt in danger sleeping in a room with random men or women, because we all know the rules and respect each other as travelers.  Soon as I walked in I ran into two others inviting me to dinner, which I was glad to attend. Not long after more travelers arrived, joined in, and we sat around outside on the patio and shared our travel stories and Instagrams… my favorite activity.
The following day I had booked an Airbnb activity to have a walking tour, and have photos taken. Click here to have a look. Don’t get me wrong it, it was nice to have a tour of New Orleans, and take in the sights, BUT the photos are taken on your phone lol, so if you don’t have a smartphone, like one older woman on my tour, you don’t get any photos. Not to worry we all allowed her to use our phones, and we emailed them to her daughter, she was really sweet.  Afterward, I met up with other Hostel dwellers, and we met for dinner and a walk around Bourbon Street.
My third day was spent on a food tour! I love these the most, because well… there’s food. Slightly disappointed as COVID had a lot of shops closed down, but that didn’t stop our host from making the experience just as fun. Click here. She was so helpful and allowed us to sample beignet, po’boys, gumbo, sausage, the list goes on. Everything was delicious, and I was certainly quite full after I left… I barely had enough energy to get to my bed at my hostel and take a long nap.
In the evening of that night, I had one more experience booked… and to say it was an experience is an understatement. I booked a pub crawl, which in New Orleans takes on a whole new meaning (Click here). I arrived that evening in my favorite pub crawl shirt I “earned” in Cambodia. Met a few people at a local bar, and soon our host showed up to give us the grand tour! Unlike crawls overseas or in general, you don’t get a beer you get SHOTS! Take this tour with caution, because I could not make it the whole night. I managed to make it to the third stop which allowed us to overlook the street and throw beads at wanderers below us, but soon after that, I had to tap out-can’t handle Bourbon Street.
It was time to leave the following day, but I had to make sure I took in the WWII museum. Love a good museum, and this one was just lovely. A lot of information about the war, and many replicas. I highly recommend stopping here. Make sure to also try the crawfish, and if you brave oyster shots.
Till next time.

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