Last year, a dear, and I mean very dear friend Anna got married! I’ve known Anna now for about four years, and I thoroughly enjoy talking to her. She’s the type of friend you want, she’ll tell you like it is, and call you on your mess. I’m so happy I met her back in Korea, she introduced me to several books that would help me when I was going through a very tough break-up, which left me doubting everything and everyone I once held close. (I’ll share which books at the end of this post.)

Anyhow, Anna was getting married in Indiana, and I couldn’t be happier for her! Our friendship was abruptly cut short by the pandemic back in 2020, since South Korea was hit second with a huge wave of people who fell victim to the virus, many of us had to leave immediately. I still feel sad about that day, as I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my students, let alone most of my coworkers.

I couldn’t wait to see Anna in Indiana, because I love her, but also I’ve never been there before! Anna always told me to have a good look at the corn, and she wasn’t kidding, Indiana has a LOT of corn, and huge silos of corn once you left the city. However there had to be more to Indiana than lovely Anna and corn, so I looked to one of my favorite magazines for guidance, Life: Great American Getaways, a magazine I bought back in 2015 and still use for traveling today. I love it, due to how many hidden gems are located in each state, some you’d never imagine. For Indiana, they suggested Columbus.

The following day was Anna’s wedding! Gorgeous! It’s funny I had never actually met her husband, because the time he came to visit her in Korea, I had gone home to visit my family. The wedding was said in both Spanish and English, and a lovely reception afterward. I enjoyed meeting Anna’s other friends, whom I’d heard so much about over our time in Korea. Thank you for having me at your wedding, Anna! I look forward to you coming to mine 😉

Captivating – I love this book and recommend it to every woman I meet. Feeling sad, alone, uncertain…. not sure? This book will help.

Till next time.

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