Road Trip through Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama

Love a good road trip! Seriously, what’s better than listening to tunes, books on tape, and just the open road watching the world go by? Funny, I was still in school, so while driving I had to take my class online, luckily my classmates and Professor understood. This was during the pandemic, so flights were suspended but knowing me… I can’t stay in one place for long.

I’m blessed that my mother loves to travel with me, although we are a family of five, and I’m the only daughter, there is something about mother and daughter time together. I was able to convince her to take a road trip to me around the coast, to which she obliged.

We started at 0500 and headed toward Georgia, leaving Florida, guess we don’t have much choice. I have the app “Diners, Drive-in, and Dives” from the show, which allows us to eat at hidden gems along the way. First stop Metro Diner! Do not miss the chicken and waffles, located right outside Jacksonville.

Since Jacksonville is so close to Georgia it wasn’t long before we reached a beautiful destination to stop. Wormsloe State Historic Site (click here) birthplace of some gorgeous wedding venues. Located in Savannah Georgia, this historic site cost little to visit and will entice you to stay all day, which we almost did had we, not another state to cross before our next stop. Up next South Carolina!

My mother insisted on this gorgeous Bed and Breakfast (click here) right in the heart of Camden, South Carolina. This home is gorgeous, and the hospitality was most accommodating. I’ve only ever stayed at Air BnBs so staying at an original place was delightful. My mother and I arrived late, yet they will still willing to help us with our bags, and a nice glass of red wine, which after an almost 8-hour drive was greatly welcomed. Woke up to a lovely dutch baby, and fresh orange juice. The owners shared the story of the home, and how it was once owned by slave owners….what?! Sitting on history here! One thing about living in Florida is we don’t get a lot of chances to see changing leaves, which prompted us to take in a little scenery before we left. Every part of this stop was worth every second. Then… back on the road.

We had underestimated our arrival time in Tennessee, so we arrived quite late… making my mom nervous. See we had booked an Airbnb on a farm… with no reception and arrived in pitch-black darkness. The instructions said, to cross a bridge, and find our lodge… again in the dark. My poor mom was having a whole moment, but once we were in our cabin everything was fine, for me at least. My mother had sworn off farms for life.
In the morning, however, it was incredible! Horses, chickens, all the leaves, and crisp mountain air. I’m lucky they let us walk around the property, so lovely and quaint Check it out here. (click here)
In search of breakfast, we headed out early, so we didn’t make the same mistake. We weren’t far from Nashville so headed to another DDD from the App. This one was called JamCo. (click here) remarkable breakfast, and like the name says JAM! They make a ton of jams out of different things, my favorite without a doubt is the apple bourbon, and I picked up a jar. On to Nashville city. As I said earlier things were still Covid times, so most things were closed or at minimum capacity, so the streets were pretty bare, but it was still fine to find places to take pictures. We couldn’t stay long as we had to head back to Georgia to stay in the mountains. BUT not before stopping at Hattie B’s, we don’t have this place in the south, and it is so gooooood.

Headed to the mountains for a stay in the Yurt! (click here) Rodney was so cool to us! He greeted us, and let us know where to grab things. The yurt is on the edge of the mountain, so we can see all of Georgia. At night, as it was in the mountains, it was quite cold, but his yurt was beyond toasty warm. I recommend this to everyone who reads this!

This was our last place before heading home, and was fortunate to pass through Selma, and saw the exact bridge Dr. Martin Luther King walked on, the town looked pretty run down since the marching days, but was nice to see history was so many blacks and white people walked for many to have a better future.

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