These Children were amazing, I learned so much from them! One little boy (who didn’t want to take a picture) could not have been no more than 4, was taking care of his 5 month old brother. He fed him, kept him in his lap, and did everything for him. He was very touching. 

  As of June 21, I set out on my first mission trip with my church Victorious Life. My experience there, is indescribable but I’m going to try my best to express my time spent there. In the picture below is my team, Team Forgiven. We wore green shirts, so to find each other in case of separation. Our mission was not merely to give our attendance in Haiti to those who needed but to spread the Gospel. I feel so blessed to have been apart of this trip.
We are riding in our Truck, no seat belts, a/c, or smooth roads. LOVED IT!

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