As most you know I have already left South Korea, and have begun my traveling around the Southeast Asia, but most people and friends are asking, “so… what’s next for you?” I realized I never actually explained what happens now…

Well first and foremost I have absolutely loved my time in Korea. I’ve learned so much about myself, the culture, America, and just life in general. I’ve always heard the phrase travel is the only think you can buy that makes you richer, and it could not be more true.

Being in South Korea, has changed a lot of things I’ve learned about my own country, my way of living, and how I perceived the world around me. Forgive me, but it can difficult to put into words, but what I can say is this: You’ll never know unless you try.

I’ve loved everything about the culture, and look forward to my return.
15 months stuffed into 4 bag. I enjoyed my tiny little room, my walk to school, and living above a fresh market…. you will truly missed.


Side note: Two more of the Davis clan came to visit me, of course we had an excellent time together.

​Rest assure I will fill in my Southeast Asia trip soon, we are currently in Vietnam, and once we move to another country I will update them.

Keep you posted soon!Love and Peace.​Brittany

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