Cambodia was the second country we stopped at while backpacking Southeast Asia. I loved Cambodia and had no trouble crossing the border from Vietnam. We immediately stopped at Angkor Wat. My friend Sean is a huge fan of Laura Croft (No seriously, he has a tattoo about her), so he was ecstatic when we arrived. Everything about these ruins was straight from the movie, and he was loving every minute of it. Emma and I enjoyed it as well, we split up for a bit so we could take everything in at a different pace. Be warned this place is massive, which makes sense since it’s the largest religious monument in the whole world. Angkor is so large, you’ll have several carriages asking to take you around, trust me you’ll want one. Our taxi guy was kind and loved talking to us in English, he took us through the whole place when we met up again. They ask women to cover our legs, which we didn’t know about, so they allow us to borrow skirts at the entrance. Many monks are walking around praying here, so make an effort not to disturb them. I wanted to talk to a Monk, but I knew this was not the time or place… more in the monks in the Thailand blog. (Click Here)

After Angkor Wat, we stumbled on a bamboo train, something that had been discontinued for many years. We lucked up on this one because they are getting disassembled to make way for engine trains. Our hostel owner told us how to get there and we were on our way. We had gone to merely look at it and snap pictures, but they allowed us to ride on it, for a small fee, but that didn’t bother us, we hopped right on.

I have to talk about one of the hostels I stayed at… right on the beach. It’s a little bit away from the town, and it requires you to walk through a miniature jungle… which is terrifying at night, especially if you’ve been drinking-You’ve been warned. Other than that the hotel is great! The people are fun, with tons of activities. Look here (Click Here)

This next stop I only recommend if you have a strong stomach. This is the Killing Fields (Click Here), Cambodia’s own Holocaust. This place is so sad, and difficult to walk through. Highly educational, subsequently had me enthralled. Here you can walk through the many… MANY graves and read the testimonies of those who survived. The stories shared here will bring you to your knees. We left feeling emotionally drained and spiritually exhausted. Again: educational, just sad.

Cambodia was a blast, and of course, the food is everything, top tips of course are to try the local beer and eat the local food.


Eat the noodles! Buy the backpack pants, they fit in the backpack and you can only wear them here… back home not so much.

Go to the Phare (Click Here) This was such a great show of acrobats and performing artists. The profits go to the students!


Heart Language Angkor, this place is a family-run home. So sweet, the mom washed all our clothes for us! (Click Here)

Till next time.

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