Malaysia was a beautiful spot to visit. I went the week before New Year with my friends. (Clockwise from left: Tim, me, Sean, Ivory, and Lizzy) We stayed in the Reggae Hostel, which was quite accommodating for a hostel. I always prefer hostel stays not merely for the cheaper rate, but for chatting with other travelers and locals.

Like most of the countries I visit, I can’t get enough of the food. Malaysia was very hot even in December so most people sat outside to eat meals. We found a street hotpot location and ate until we were content. They provided all sorts of delectables for us to try, as the price was per stick. The owner was willing to explain everything to us, but I only managed to catch some of it. I pulled a couple of sticks of my own and enjoyed them.
Malaysia had one of the better beaches I’ve seen as well. We were lucky to catch a deal with a guy and buy a package of banana boat riding, jet skiing, parasailing, and pull float. (My friend Tim and I held on for dear life here) One of the best experiences was riding the banana boat, as my friend Sean lost his glasses, he didn’t think it was as funny as I did as I watched him storm up the beach to the mall looking for new ones. Dripping wet and stifling laughs I waited as he tried on many pairs to find his correct prescription. Once that crisis was settled we headed back to the beach.
For the last night we thought to treat ourselves at a high-end hotel named Alotf that would “overlook” the fireworks that rang in the new year, we caught some but not all, but till a memorable event that I wouldn’t pass up.
While visiting Malaysia do not, I repeat do not leave without trying Durian fruit, it stinks but has its own acquired taste.
Till next time.

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