​Just as it says, I attended my first Korean Wedding… breathtakingly beautiful!
First and Foremost congratulations to the newlyweds 항주성 and 이애진. Weddings are amazing no matter where in the world you are, however I’m blessed that I’ve gotten the opportunity to attend this one.
There are many similarities and many differences between American weddings and Korean Weddings. I’m at the age where I’ve attended a lot of my friend’s weddings, so seeing one outside of my culture was a treat.
  • The Venue

I attended with my coworkers, we all squeezed into a taxi and made our way there, which was only a ten min ride.

  • This is one of the similarities, as soon as you walk in of course there is an isle for everyone to watch the beautiful bride walk down.

As soon as we walk in, we are greeted by the groom, my coworker, and so amazing to all of us, 항주성 or Jason (his English name). He introduced us to his family, his mother, aunt, and sister. I asked him to tell them how beautiful I thought they were and his sister replies in English… “Thank you” with a warm smile. I smile back sheepishly, apparently she speaks English. Oops.
Next we walk to the hall to find our seats, we pass a room and I noticed his bride, 이애진, sitting there. Here is a difference: The bride in Korea sits in a room for everyone to see and admire her. She looked so gorgeous in here dress, she was sitting so princess-like, so you can’t help but want to see her. Jason allowed us to walk over to her, and take her picture. Typically in America nobody sees the bride until the ceremony, unless you’re a bridesmaid. This brings us to difference number 2.

  • The exchanging of the vows
  • They are now husband and wife!

There is no bridal party! The people of the venue took care of the bride; they fluffed her dress, gave her tissues, and keep the control of the room. I thought to myself, I’m sure that makes things easier, but I’d rather have my friends and sister-in-law fawn over me at my wedding.
Like most weddings, watching it made me teary eyed. Its beautiful watching two people who love each other commit themselves to one another. Weddings truly are magical.
Respect is very important in the country, after the exchanging of the vows, the newly married couple, went to both parents and bowed to show respect. They each thanked the other’s family; I found that to be a really sweet thing to do in front of everyone. Hmmm may have to add something like that during my wedding.

  • Doesn’t everyone look beautiful?

​This is everyone of both sides of the families.

After the ceremony, we all went downstairs to unlimited buffet of different Asian cuisine. Everything from Sushi to Korean BBQ, and of course what’s a wedding without alcohol? All and all, a very lovely experience to enjoy.

I feel so blessed and lucky to have been a part of this event! Congratulations to both 항 주성 and 이애진. I pray you both have many years of love and happiness that comes your way.
I believe in marriages and I believe in love. I look forward to mine one day, but until that day, I’m happy to see everyone else so happy and in love.

Love and Peace


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