• My amazing Yoga instructor gave me a wish bracelet. She told me that I make a wish (I made a prayer) and then tie the bracelet around your wrist. It must never be broken, it if falls off… then the wish is in effect. I’m mostly thrilled she gave me a gift. I love her class, and just adore her.
  • One of my classes always allows me to come to class with the most beautiful art work on the board. My young girls are just the sweetest, and when I walk in exhausted from my previous class, seeing this always perks me up. Thank you my lovely ladies.
  • This is the infamous yellow dust that sometimes plagues Korea. It’s mostly pollen, mixed with some pollution. It gets so bad at times that people are required to wear masks when they go out.
  • Went on a mini get away with my friends to the island of Muuido. Being on Korea’s islands is always calming, relaxing and peaceful. I never get tired of being on one.
  • Decided to turn back time with my friends, at an abandoned amusement park. It was fun and eerie seeing everything all old and broken down. Several people were there, a wedding couple, a photo shoot for a clothing line, and all in between.
  • Went up to Paju to get close to the DMZ. Paju is right next to the border of North and South Korea. It was scary and painfully close to the reality of how close we were to such a hostile country. We could see armed guards, and barbed wire stretching as far as the eye could see. After such a shocking look, we decided to head to the Forest of Wisdom. The bookstore is incredible! It’s so large and books upon books upon books. It’s easy to get lost in here.
  • My older brother Lamar came to visit me! I had such a good time with him. I appreciate our relationship more as we are becoming adults, we able to be more ourselves around each other. I took him out to meet my friends and we ended up having an amazing time. This photo is the best representation of it, I couldn’t have been happier.
  • Inside the Korean War Memorial. Being a veteran myself these experiences are always humbling. Seeing all the lives lost fighting for a country, people, and rights they love. I had no idea what this war was about, but after learning all about it, I have such a respect for South Korea and America. Being in the military is not an easy job.
  • This is my best friend Platero. (Her name is Stephanie Platero, but since we met in the military we call each other by our last names….even if we are married.) We have known each other for almost ten years. Each time we talk it’s like nothing has changed. I spoke to her recently, and she sent me family photos. She looks so radiant with her son and family. I miss her dearly and always look forward to our conversations.

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